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Patita Pavana’s Letter to Lokanath Swami

Patita Pavana joined ISKCON in 1967 at 26 Second Avenue. In the first couple years within the movement, he served in NYC, San Francisco, New Mexico, Los Angeles, NYC again, Boston, New Vrindavan, and ISKCON Press.

October 19, 2021

Dear Lokanatha Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada.

I am sure you will remember me from Hare Krishna Land in the 1970s where I was serving Prabhupada when you joined along with your cousin Gaurasundar.

There is a great problem, and the problem is you. Maharaja, you have gotten yourself into a barrel of chile achar pickle and the only one who can extract you from the swamp is you. You have to come forward and do the right thing. Bow out gracefully.

You are basically check-mated in this chess game by a lady devotee who is fed up with ISKCON’s sheltering and supporting child molesters.

Is there any flaw in the tigress who will lay down her life to defend her cubs?

Maharaja, mothers–especially ISKCON mothers–are fed up with ISKCON sheltering pedophiles. And, they have been fed up for decades, who listens to them? Well, now they will have to listen because this lady is not going to go away. So the leaders must do the needful. When there is gangrene there is only one cure.

Have you seen that this righteously angry woman has dug up some very incriminating evidence? Her site should be searched!

Did the GBC actually recommend that you get some sort of “proper sexual understanding” counseling from a bogus firm that merely drained money from the public (and from ISKCON, all because of you?) The documentation is all there on the site.

Please deny it if it is untrue. And I doubt I will get a response on that one.

Whether the letter discussed in posts above was written by you, or one of your colleagues on the Guardians Beyond Comprehension committee (GBC), what is really important, in this case, is the other letter. And by that, I mean the letter that was written by Satya. Why would this grown-up lady write such a description of any activities that took place when she was eleven, if it was not true?

You have been posturing as some sort of victim in this case. Actually, all members of Prabhupada’s world movement are victims when those who defile the most innocent among us–our sacred offspring–are victimized and left without shelter.

Shrila Prabhupada spoke of demigods from Swarga-loka above taking birth among his married disciples. And, it has actually happened, also. But a child molester destroys the opportunity of the heart of that demigod ever blooming like a lotus flower. A victim of child molestation suffers due to feelings of uncleanliness and guilt caused by the violation of his or her rights as an innocent reflection of God in childhood.

We know from the victim mentioned in this case, Satya, about what went on. We hear her and believe her.

And regarding your letter. No doubt someone helped you write it because it does not reflect your personality. This does not mean that it is not true. It is just, shall we say, “over-edited.” For politicians, the great crime is not the crime. The great crime is getting caught. You were caught, so someone twisted your arm and you were forced to oblige with a signature.

Although you must have signed it, by doing so, you signed your your life away . So pick up the pieces and get back to your real service which we will discuss.

Anyone who has studied the behavior of predators will tell you that touching often begins a long-term forced relationship that only leads to adult psychosis for the victim.

But, if you are a victim Maharaja, you are a victim of your own doings.

Since Shrila Prabhupada left our mortal vision you have been the

  • chemistry student who became a monk,
  • you have been a deliverer of Bhagavata-saptas which few listened to,
  • you have become an “author” though you have no literary ability,
  • you have posed as a paramahamsa demanding that your every word be recorded,
  • you have been a scholar teaching Sanskrit.

Incidentally, I have two daughters who are wonderful devotees, and from watching the loving care their mother (my beloved wife) has brought them up with, I begin to shake with anger at the thought of an older man who defiles a little girl.

In India, even the Devi Pujakas, worshippers of the Goddess Mother, and who are strict followers of Stir Dharma and chaste Vedic culture understand that a pre-pubescent girl is like a goddess herself. A true brahmachary or sannyasi can never think of molesting such a true goddess because his eyes are on her feet. When even demigod worshipers understand these things, why can’t Vaishnava sannyasis?

Prabhupada knew very well that you are a village boy and not some great chemist-Sanskrit scholar-guru. So His Divine Grace sent you on the bullock carts all over India.


That order alone can save you. Get some strong bulls and whoever remains from among your diminishing flock, hit the road. Get some people who admire whatever good things you have done to accompany you.

Sit down tight in the cart and travel down the middle road of India–right down my old Dharma Road–National Highway 7. Travel all the way from the Vindhyas and the virgin Narmada to the holy virgin Goddess Devi Kanya Kumari. This is the Road of the Devi and it is her forgiveness you need because you have offended her representative, an innocent girl, a child.

If you wish to domicile (that means “live somewhere”), then build a thatched hut behind that temple you built in your hometown and sit on a piece of wood and chant Hare Krishna.

Stop your cut-and-paste guru charade. You should realize that the show is over. There has never been any instance of any genuine Gaudiya acharya having been accused of such a thing as you are being accused.

So, just for the sake of the purity of the sampradaya, you must step far, far away. Stop being a pretender and try to live up to the proper rigors of the ashram of the 4th order which you have accepted. Take on a mood of penance rather than victimization and denial.

Stop trying to play with every toy in the room like a child in kindergarten. Prabhupada knew what a villager you are, and that is why he sent you with the bulls. There is nothing wrong with that. That is what is needed, rural life. You are a born farmer. How many of your city slicker disciples grow food?

If you do not go back to the bullock carts, then your problem will continue to haunt you. What is there to save you from going to the hell where the unqualified poser gurus have all gone before you? If you do not repent, then your thousands of followers may also follow you down.

I have described National Highway 7 as the Devi Road because it is right in the middle of India, the great birthplace of mankind. So take this road of the Mother Goddess in a mood of repentance. Get free from your past mistakes, and the problems you have created for yourself. Follow Shrila Prabhupada instead of reinventing yourself again. People see through your ruse and that is why the Good Boys Committee wants you out.

Get out the bulls and everyone will be satisfied. Even you will be satisfied because …


As the Beatles said, “Get back to where you once belonged.”

Wishing you all the best, I am

Your servant,

Patita Pavana dasa Adhikary

At 61 Second Avenue, April 1969. Patita Pavana on the far left next to Mr. Malkani, one of the first Indians to join Prabhupada in the West. l. to r. Lilavati, Brahmananda, Karunamoya, Yamunacharya, Srila Prabhupada, Nanda Kishore, Kirtanananda, Subala, Vamanadeva and Indira just married, Purushottama, Jayadwaita and Rasananda.

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